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Once in a while, things happen.

One day it happened to me. I used to ob- serve people and surroundings constantly. It fascinated me – how beautiful and magical everything is. The significant meaning was probably there all along.

Every time I saw people, I saw not only the shape of a human but the soul. I observed what clothes they wore and how the colors matched. I was curious and constantly guessing – what do they do for a living, what is their mood right now, what do they think?

Sounds crazy, right? But that’s me – always seeing more, seeking more from life, and searching for a massive meaning in all my

Maybe it’s a blessing, or perhaps it was shaped by the environment in which I was. But if it’s a gift, I want to share it with everyone here. To unleash creativity is to rediscover your curiosity, inner child, and sense of wonder.

Before, everything was different, but now I understand that I no longer want to run away from myself and hide what’s inside me. I want to be and create from my heart; this brings me the greatest delight. The ground beneath my feet is open wide. The way that I have been holding on too tight – is now released.

Here I want to share my life with you. My own authentic story, from now on, is always open. The work I create reflects my life, inner world, and what inspires me.

I believe all is connected, so there is a natural feeling lying in me that this is the right path! This is the type of expression – that I will share with you.